Daily Workout #1

Basic Daily Workout

This is a basic daily workout that everyone can do and gets your whole body working. Focus on good technique and posture. Better to go a bit slower and get it right. Co-ordinate breathing with movement.

10 exercises for 2 minutes each.

  1. Skipping or star jumps
  2. Press up then sit up then burpee x 1 each, then x 2 each, then x 3 etc.
  3. Sanchin kata or Taikyoku #1
  4. Plank
  5. From standing, down on 1 knee, sit down, lay down, turn through 360 degrees on your back without pushing with feet or elbows, stand up . Repeat
  6. Kiba dachi. Keep good posture. Hands out shoulder level. Palms facing forward.
  7. Kihon kumite (as far as you know and repeat as necessary) or basic kick punch combination ( left snap kick, left jab, right cross, right roundhouse kick)
  8. Kicking combination. Left snap kick ( forward), left side kick ( to your side), left back kick (to your rear). Change sides
  9. Hand technique combination. Left sanchin dachi, left gedan berai, right chudan uchi uke, left chudan soto uke, right jodan uke, 3 x punch ( jodan, chudan , gedan) 3 x morote tsuki (gedan, chudan, jodan). Change stance other side.
  10. Shadow boxing. Keep light on your feet and keep moving.

Stretch out.

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