Daily Workout #3

This routine is from Sensei Karen Babb, the whole routine should take about 10 mins, have fun. Grab two cans of equal weight from the store cupboard (get permission first).

First Exercise

Standing in a kiba dachi stance with one can in each hand do 20 reps of the following (look after the cans!)

Don’t drop the cans!

One count is both sides.

  • Gedan Barai
  • Uchi uke
  • Soto uke
  • Jodan uke

Now the whole set again, followed by two punches.

Second Exercise

Lie on the floor and put one can between your legs just above the ankles and one can under your chin.

Pick up the can with your legs and raise straight legs to 45 degrees then lower let go of the can but don’t touch the floor with your legs. Now open the legs to just over shoulder width apart keeping the legs straight, close and pick up the can. Repeat 20 sets.

Third exercise

Put both cans between your ankles. From a sitting position pick up one can the do a sit up extending the arms over your head but don’t touch the floor each time you come up replace the can.

20 sets.

Fourth exercise

In a standing position holding one can in your right hand, lift your right leg, pass the can around the outside of the leg and under pass the can to left hand. Now do the same on the left making a figure of 8 around you legs.

50 sets.

Fifth exercise

Sitting on the floor make sure your back is straight. One can in your right hand now pass the can round your trunk passing the can to your other hand as they meet front and back. 20 times one way then 20 times the other.

This should have taken about 10 minutes, now repeat.

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