Micklefield Polish Club, Forest Way, High Wycombe, HP13 7JF

Seido karate stresses above all the philosophy that karate should teach ‘Technique before Strength, Spirit before Technique’. If you train with us, you will become stronger and develop sound karate techniques, but most of all, Seido aims to build students with a strong spirit and attitude towards karate, and life. Seido provides a structured environment for learning karate. The discipline and etiquette of a Japanese-based martial art creates a respectful atmosphere in the dojo, and yet there is a genuine friendliness between students and we always have some fun. If you feel you would like to visit us, please come and join in and give it a go – or simply watch a class. We look forward to seeing you !


Mark Terry 07450 277155
(secretary) Kasia Lampard 07716 127829 (English & Polish)

Upcoming Events and Classes

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