Seido Bucks Online Classes

*** All classes are now online ***

All classes are now being hosted online, we have our full schedule of adult classes listed below. These are weekly recurring classes so you can decide which classes that you want to attend and join in at the appropriate time. Please keep hold of this list and contact the class instructor for the class ID and password to join or if you have any other questions.

Sun 08.30- 09.15All black belts – Kyoshi / Sei shihanBlack belts
Sun 09.30 – 10.15Adult and youth class – Kyoshi Stuart Tylers GreenAll grades
Sun 10.30 – 11.30Junior class – Kyoshi Stuart Tylers GreenAll grades
Mon 12:00 – 12:45Junior white belts and beginners – Kyoshi Stuart Tylers GreenWhite belts
Mon 19.30- 20.30Adults general class – Kyoshi Stephen Lacey GreenAll grades
Tues 12.00- 12.45Adult and juniors general class – Kyoshi StuartBlue, yellow
Tues 19.30 – 20.30Adults general class – Senpai Mark MicklefieldAll grades
Wed 12.00- 12.45Adult and juniors – Kyoshi Stuart / Senpai JackGreen, brown
Wed 18.30- 19:15Junior class – Kyoshi Stuart / Senpai JackAll grades
Wed 19.30- 20.30Adult and youth class – Kyoshi Stuart Tylers GreenAll grades
Thu 19.30- 20.15Beginners – Senpai Dave Great KingshillWhite belts
Fri 19.30- 20.00Meditation class  – Sei ShihanAll grades
Sat 08.30- 09.30Kata and conditioning – Sensei Chris Tylers GreenAll grades
Sat 09.45- 10.30Fighting skills – Senpai Jack Tylers GreenGreen belts and above

Kyoshi Stuart Wilson
Head of dojo Tylers Green