Tylers Green Classes for September

Osu Everyone,

We have just finalised the Tylers Green class schedule for September onwards. Some of the classes will now be moving into the village hall but we will continue some classes outdoors and online. Please be assured that we will doing all we can to keep everyone safe please see a letter which describes some of the protocols that we will be following. Please take the time to read it carefully. We have also completed a comprehensive risk assessment ( a copy of which can be made available on request) which has been sent to our National Governing Body NAKMAS who have issued us with a certificate.

The amount of students attending classes in the village hall will be restricted to 18, plus instructors. It will be necessary to book attendance in classes at least 24 hours in advance ( details in the attached letter).

Wednesday Classes will be in the village hall from September 9th  (Classes on 2nd September will be on the common opposite the village hall)

Wednesday 6.00 pm – 6.40 pm Junior White /blue belts Kyoshi Stuart/ Kasia Lampard

Wednesday 6.45- 7.25 pm Junior Yellow/green/brown belts Kyoshi Stuart/ Senpai Dave/ Kasia Lampard

Wednesday 7.30 -8.30 pm. Adult general class. Kyoshi Stuart

New White belt and beginners class starts in the village hall on Saturday 5th September

Saturday 8.30 -9,30 am Kata and Conditioning class Sensei Chris ( Online during September. Review end September)

Saturday  09.45- 10.30 Fighting Skills class green belt and above. Senpai Jack ( Online during September. Review end September)

Saturday  09.30- 10.15. White belt and beginners class. Adults and Children. Kyoshi Stuart/Senpai Dave. In the village hall.

All Sunday classes will be outside during September with view to going inside in October

Sunday 08.30- 09.30 Black belt class. Kyoshi Stuart/Kyoshi Stephen

Sunday 09.30- 10.30 Adult class Kyoshi Stuart

Sunday 10.40- 11.30 Children’s Class. Kyoshi Stuart/Senpai Dave/ Senpai Michaela/ Kasia Lampard/Michael Tilbury

I will write with more information in due course but please get in touch if you have any questions. Your feedback is encouraged and very welcome. We are very aware of the challenging times that we face and hope that we can all move forward together.  

Thank you for your continued support.

Best Wishes

Kyoshi Stuart

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